Fyodor Druzhinin – Shostakovich Viola Sonata

If you read my translation of the “Letter from Leningrad” written by Boris Tishenko in 1975 here, you will definitely be interested in this 1975 recording of Shostakovich’s Viola Sonata Op.147 dedicated to and performed by Fyodor Druzhinin (Read more about Fyodor Druzhinin [Фёдор Серафимович Дружинин] here), piano accompaniment by Mikhail Muntyan. Excerpt from B. Tishenko’s letter:

Shostakovich’s love was an important engine of his artistic might; artistic might was also the reason for his being loved. Proof of his love and his remarkable ability to listen and admire music of others is evident in his Viola Sonata. In it exists, thinned to the limits, music-associative series; Shostakovich in his late works used musical quotations. A smart and tactful quotation exists in the finale of the Viola Sonata: the characteristic point from Beethoven’s 1st movement of the “Mondschein” Sonata Op.27., No.2, only transcribed from triple into quadruple metre.

The complete LP catalog is: M. Glinka (1804-1857) – Sonata for alto and piano in d-moll; A. Rubinstein (1829-1894) – Sonata for alto and piano in f-moll, Op.49; D. Shostakovich (1906-1975) – Sonata for viola and piano, Op.147. Total time – 77.52; Shostakovich’s Sonata recorded in 1975; Glinka and Rubinstein recorded in 1979. Piano accompaniment by Larisa Panteleeva and Mikhail Muntyan.

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  • Gerardo Aponte says:

    Very, very interesting this version… I would say that my favorite version is Kashkashian’s with Robert Levine because of the expression, color, phrasing… But this one has it’s own very, very special “something”… The sound of them both players (Druzhinin / Muntyan) are very unique… warm, dark, dramatic, with force… wow…

    When I started to study viola (at my 14) back in 1992, I tried to found viola recordings here in México… two years later I found my first viola CD, it was Kashkashian recording for this Sonata… Since then this is one of my favourites pieces of all… and so special because of it’s own story and history…

    Thank you so much for this recording… How can I get it? This must be at my music library…

  • Tyler says:

    Does anyone have the music for this? I am a violist and really want to play it and can only find it online to buy. Help!
    Could you email me a copy of this please!

  • […] Shostakovich’s Viola Sonata sheet music. You are very welcome to have a listen to the 1975 recording of the Sonata by Fyodor Druzhinin viola and Mikhail Muntyan piano […]

  • Ray Tischer says:

    I really appreciated hearing this recording of the Shostakovich Viola and Piano Sonata; I just bought it as well. I am performing this piece on September 29, 2012 the birthday of my dear friend and awesome cellist Daniel Smith who passed away quite suddenly last November.

    Druzhinin and Muntyan play this piece stunningly and from a very deep place. Thank you for provideing a wonderful website.

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