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Hound Publishing – Publishing with Lovetm

Hound Publishing: is a Small Publishing House located in Brisbane, Australia. In 2006, Hound Publishing opened an online shop at its founder’s website (Korschmin.com) and in 2013 finally moved to HoundPublishing.net, now offering its modest services to all in need of what its founder started all those years ago.

An Opportunity: for Authors, Composers and Arrangers to have their original work published. There are no contracts, you retain all ownership rights to your works, and you are free to publish your work elsewhere if you choose. Sign Up for a free Publishing Account, submit your work and start collecting your generous royalties.

For You: Redefining the existing fundamental distinction between publisher, printer, distributer and shopkeeper. We publish, print, sell and distribute Sheet Music and Books in print and electronic media, with a single unambiguous guiding principal – to help authors, composers and arrangers to find an audience.

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