Cum mortuis in lingua mortua

Pictures at an Exhibition - Cum mortuis in lingua mortua

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«Catacombae» (Sepulcrum romanum); «Cum mortuis in lingua mortua»

The drawing showed Hartmann himself with a fellow architect Kenel in the Paris catacombs and a guide holding lamp.

In the title Mussorgsky wrote – “NB: Латинский текст: Съ мертвыми на мертвом языкѣ.” “NB: A Latin text: ‘With the Dead in a Dead Language.’ and in the footnote: “Ладно бы, латинскій текстъ: творческій духъ умершаго Гартмана ведетъ меня къ черепамъ, взываетъ къ черепамъ, черепа тихо засвѣтились.” “Well may it be, Latin text: The creative spirit of the departed Hartmann leads me to the skulls, calls out to them, and the skulls begin to glow dimly from within.”

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