QYO is a world class youth orchestra organisation based in Brisbane, Australia. 7 ensembles with 500 musicians perform over 50 concerts each year.

2nd Queensland Youth Orchestra

QYO2 (part of Queensland Youth Orchestras) is a full size symphony orchestra (*3,2,2,2-5,2,3,1-tmp-hp (opt)-str (18,18,16,12,10) ranging in age from 12 to 23. The main stage for QYO2 is the Old Museum Concert Hall.

Please contact the QYO office on 3257-1191 or for more information.

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Every Thursday in October, we'll be streaming a performance from
@LPOrchestra, recorded when the Gallery closed earlier in the year.

Join us at 1pm tomorrow on our @YouTube channel for a performance of Ernő Dohnányi, 'Serenade in C Major':

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