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Международные правозащитные организации и государственные структуры: Признание геноцида советск... via @ChangeOrgRus

FYI fellow tweeps at #auspol. Been at ALP Qld state conference this weekend as an observer. While I haven't sat in on all policy deliberations, what I saw (& heard #AlboForPM say) reassured me Labor is committed to many key issues we discuss frequently. They won't let us down! 👍

Have you heard Arvo Pärt’s SUMMA ?

We will be playing it in @SuntoryHallE on June 17&18 with @NHKSO_Tokyo @ArvoPartCentre @EstonianWorld @EstonianGovt @estembassyjp @estembassyuk @postimees @HarrisonParrott @WarnerClassics @warnerclassicsJ

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