2nd Queensland Youth Orchestra


Welcome to 2nd Queensland Youth Orchestra Page. QYO2 (part of Queensland Youth Orchestras) is a full size symphony orchestra (*3,2,2,2-5,2,3,1-tmp-hp (opt)-str (18,18,16,12,10) ranging in age from 12 to 23. The main stage for QYO2 is the Old Museum Concert Hall. In 2019 season QYO2 will play three Concerts at Twilight, and QYO Finale Concert at QPAC.

Announcement: 2019 QYO2 Vacancies – Viola, Bass. Please contact the QYO office on 3257-1191 or info@qyo.org.au to apply. If you are unable to attend any QYO2 activity, you must contact the QYO2 Administrator.

2nd Queensland Youth Orchestra Repertoire:

First Concert Programme:

  • M. Mussorgsky – Fantaisie: “Un Nuit Sur Le Mont Chauve”
  • N. Rimsky-Korsakov – Suite From The Opera: “Le Coq D’ OR”
  • – Interval –
  • P. Tchaikovsky – The Nutcracker

First Concert – Sat 30 March 3pm & 5.30pm: QYO2 with Queensland Ballet Academy, Old Museum Concert Hall.

Second Concert Programme:

  • QYO2 J. Williams – Hymn To The Fallen from ‘Saving Private Ryan’; Schindler’s Theme from ‘Schindler’s List; Star Wars Suite
  • – Interval –
  • Australian Premiere: Wynton Marsalis’ – “Swing Symphony”* (Commissioned by the Berliner Philharmoniker in collaboration with The Barbican, the New York Philharmonic and the Los Angeles Philharmonic):
  1. No.1 – St. Louis to New Orleans;
  2. No.2 – All-American Pep;
  3. No.5 – Modern Modes and the Midnight. Moan;
  4. No.7 – The Low Down Up On High.

Second Concert – Sat. 15 June, 5.30pm: QYO2 with QYO Big Band, Old Museum Concert Hall.

Third Concert Programme:

  • Antonín Dvořák – Carnival Overture Op.92 (1891)
  • Camille Saint-Saëns – Symphony No.3, c-moll, Op. 78, “Organ Symphony” (1886)

Third Concert – Saturday, 21 September, 5.30pm, Old Museum Concert Hall.

Audio & Video Resources

*) Wynton Marsalis wrote a new work especially for this project, entitled Swing Symphony, which takes us on a musical journey through the history of jazz – something Wynton Marsalis sees as inseparable from dance: “Jazz is dance music – and if you can’t dance to it, then it’s not jazz.” That evening in the Berlin Treptow Arena, the young dancers under the direction of choreographer Rhys Martin showed very impressively just how perfectly Marsalis’s Swing Symphony fulfils these requirements.

Stage performance of Marsalis’ – Swing Symphony (Symphony No.3) by Frankfurt Radio Symphony and Frankfurt Radio Big Band ∙ Conductor Andrés Orozco-Estrada
CYSO’s Symphony Orchestra, led by Maestro Allen Tinkham, performs Dvořák’s Carnival Overture at the May 2017 concert at Symphony Center’s Orchestra Hall in Chicago
Orchestre de Paris – Paavo Järvi Conductor


  • Hey!
    I recently stumbled over Vaughan Williams’s 2nd Symphony (London Symphony).
    It’s scored for triple woodwind and 2 cornets and 2 trumpets…
    However Vaughan Williams wrote on the score that the 2 cornet and 3rd player from each woodwind section can be omitted… Fitting our instrumentation perfectly. Plus the piece sounds very fun to play!
    So I was hoping this could be an option?

  • What are your thoughts on Bruckner Symphony 1? Or Suite 1 and 2 for Small Orchestra by Stravinsky?
    I believe the Stravinsky is scored for 2 flutes (2nd doubles piccolo), oboe, 2 clarinets, 2 bassoons, 1 horn, 2 trumpets, trombone, tuba, timpani, snare drum, cymbals, bass drum, piano, strings.

  • Hey! Some Modern works that I have been listening to include:
    – Equus by Eric Whitacre
    – A Short Ride in a Fast Machine by John Adams
    I personally have tried to figure out the instrumentation but that didn’t work well. It seems to fit our instrumentation. It would be awesome to play modern works by living composers as well as works from the Romantic, 20th Century composers!
    I hope these pieces spark up some ideas!

  • Hello!
    I have been getting into Berlioz’s Roman Carnival Overture (Le Carnaval Romain). It seems to match QYO2’s instrumentation and standard as well.
    Let us know about your thoughts!
    Of course I am not expecting to play it this year but for future suggestions.

  • Hello Sergei, would it be possible to play Dvorak’s Symphony no. 9? Or is this piece to difficult?

  • Hi Sergei,
    You mentioned last rehearsal that we might play a piece for choir and orchestra. I would love to play Borodin’s Polovtsian Dances from Prince Igor.

    • Polovtsian Dances is easily one of my fave Choral/Orchestral piece!
      Wouldn’t mind playing that!

  • Hey, so I have more suggestions!
    Porgy and Bess – A Symphonic Picture (arr. Robert Russell Bennett) Porgy and Bess – A Symphonic Picture (arr. Robert Russell Bennett) (Problem is with the saxophones (Not really heard anyway) and maybe banjo part (however NYO USA whistles the tune to cover the banjo part which is cool))
    Bruckner 6 (3rd Trumpet is sorta needed)
    Hope this is cool!

  • Few more suggestions (Because I like dumping music everywhere)
    Dvorak’s Slavonic Dances
    de Falla’s El Amor Brujo
    Copland’s Appalachian Springs
    Beethoven 7
    A bit more challenging,
    Shostakovich’s Festive Overture

  • Hey Sergei!
    Some suggestion,
    Rachmaninoff’s Symphonic Dances is pretty cool pieces!
    Also, Brahms’s Piano Quartet arranged by Schoenberg?
    Greig, Peer Gynt Suites
    Debussy, Prélude à l’après-midi d’un faune (Afternoon of a faun)
    Bizet- Carmen!!!
    Love Borodin 2 by the way!
    Nikhil (Viola guy with cool hair)

  • Hi Sergei,
    For the overture for the Second Concert Programme, I would like to suggest Danzón No. 2 by Arturo Márquez. I think it will be a fun and lively concert opener, which isn’t too long. It also matches the instrumentation for qyo2.

    • I drop my previous suggestion about the Dvorak since I heard it was played recently – I absolutely second Danzon No.2! Would be so much fun, and a brilliant concert opener like Tony said.
      Would be willing to put my hand up for the piano part too.

    • Unfortunately here is Dear Sergei Email: –
      “Dear Sergei,
      I have been in contact with Hal Leonard about hiring Danzón No.2 by Arturo Márquez.
      Unfortunately the music is not in the country and they would have to get it sent from overseas.
      As a result, it could cost us up to $500 to hire the work which we feel is a bit too expensive at present.
      Simone Vitiello – Marketing Officer
      Queensland Youth Orchestras”

  • Hey Sergei,
    My suggestion for the Overture is Dvorak’s Allegretto Grazioso, from his Symphony No.8. It’s a perfect length for the required time, very famous melody, and one of my all time favourites.

  • Hi Sergei, I wanted to suggest that we play the Poet and Peasant overture by Franz Von Suppé for the second half. Thank you.

  • Hi Sergei,
    Just wanting to submit my list of suggestions for potential repertoire for the concerts later in the year.
    Der Fliegende Holländer overture – Wagner
    Billy the Kid – Copland
    Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra – Britten (could be useful for tour as well)
    Symphony No. 2 – Borodin
    Tragic Overture – Brahms
    Portsmouth Point – Walton
    Les Preludes – Liszt
    Symphony No. 1 – Sibelius
    I would also be keen to play Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 4, as Patrick has suggested.
    Also, I was thinking that Hoe-down from Rodeo by Copland and Molly on the Shore by Grainger are short fun pieces we can use as encores for our concerts later in the year.

  • Hi Sergei
    For the first concert this year to go with American in Paris can we also play the Hansel and Gretel Overture by Humperdinck. Like Ben I think this is a realistic piece to play.
    Also later this year can we play Tchaikovsky’s 4th symphony?
    Patrick Nowland

  • Hey Sergei,
    For this upcoming concert we were thinking it would be great to play the Hansel and Gretel Overture by Humperdinck (in addition to American in Paris)- it’s a good length, relatively easy difficulty and very fun to play.

  • Hey Sergei,
    For next year’s opening concert, I would like to suggest Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 4 or Scheherazade.

  • Hi Sergei,
    I’d like to suggest Beethoven symphony no.5, 1st movement for the QYO finale concert. We’ve already played Rossini several times and I think Beerhoven 5 will be much more impressive. It’s also under 10 minutes.

  • Hello Sergei,
    Could we do the Prokofiev – Dance of the Knights or Beethoven Corolian Overture?

  • Hi Sergei,
    As the final piece in our concert, I would like to suggest Trittico botticelliano by Resphigi. It is a beautiful piece 🙂

  • Hi Sergei,
    I’d like to suggest either Bruckner’s Symphony No. 4 ‘Romantic’, or Mendelssohn’s Symphony No. 4 ‘Italian’. If we were only able to fit in a movement, I dig the third movement of the Bruckner.

  • Hi Sergei,
    I would like to suggest Borodin’s Polovstian Dances for our third term short piece or finale concert.

  • Hi Sergei,
    May I suggest playing Britten’s Sinfonia de Requim or Borodin’s Polovetsian dances for the finale concert this year.
    Thank you,
    Miranda Chan

  • Hi Sergei,
    As a suggestion for the third term concert, this may be a little ambitious but I was wondering if we could do Scheherazade by Rimsky-Korsakov?

  • Hi Sergei,
    I was wondering if we could play the Finale of the William Tell Overture for the 3rd or finale concert?

  • Hi Sergei,
    I also wanted to suggest Ravel’s “La Valse”. For a larger work, such as a symphony, how about Franck’s Symphony in D minor?

  • Hi Sergei,
    I was thinking as a short opening piece for our term 3 concert, we could play Shostakovich’s Festive Overture. It is quite challenging, but not that long so maybe within our abilities?

  • Hi Sergei,
    My cello teacher also suggested that the music for the concerto could be borrowed from the Queensland Symphony Orchestra.

  • Hi Sergei,
    I wanted to suggest Respighi’s Fountains of Rome for our term 3 concert. It’s a lovely piece, and it could serve as our smaller work for the concert.
    Otherwise, I’d also like to suggest Ravel’s Pavane for a Dead Princess.

  • Hi Sergei, I was wondering whether Rory and I could play the first movement of the Vivaldi’s double cello concerto in G Minor. If the first movement isn’t long enough, we could play the whole concerto which is roughly 10 minutes.
    Thanks, Shuhei

  • Hi Sergei,
    I was wondering if we could do a movement of the Planets, in particular the first one; Mars: Bringer of War. I hope this is a realistic suggestion.

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